Try dreams that come true with Gersy

  • First name: Gersy
  • Nationality: Dominican
  • City: La Vega
  • Languages: Spanish 🙁
  • Age: 23
  • Hair Color: Rojo
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin color: Light Brown
  • Weight (Pounds): 115
  • Height (Feet): 5’6
  • Measure (Brasier): 34 B
  • Measure (Waist): Small
  • Bisexual: Yes
  • Favorite Drink: Tequila, Amaretto

Once you get your eyes on Gersy you will forget all of your worries and troubles. She is a wonderful, gorgeous young woman who knows how to keep people around her happy. It’s like magic: once you start chatting with her and getting to know her, you will have a feeling that you’ve known her your entire life. Gersy is fun to be around and she loves to laugh and enjoy life in every way imaginable. Good food, nice drinks, cocktails and wine, long romantic talks are her forte. But let us not forget that Gersy is also a passionate, lusty girl who excels in the art of seduction, someone who knows when to say the right thing that will drive you crazy.

Gersy is subtle and she knows how to slowly make your relaxed. She will cast her net of charm around you and seduce you with gusto, watching you with her deep meaningful eyes. She will help you enjoy life and you can share your deepest feelings and fantasies with her. Gersy will gladly listen to every word you say and try to fulfill your hidden fantasies and greatest wishes. She is like a dream coming true in front of your eyes, the embodiment’s of secret desires that you’ve hidden away in your heart. Regardless of your setting: beach walk, fancy restaurant, your place or simply a local bar with strong cocktails, Gersy will gladly be at your side and make you feel special and wanted.