Anyie: a perfect union of beauty and sophistication

  • First name: Anyie
  • Nationality: Dominican
  • City: La Vega
  • Languages: Spanish 🙁
  • Age: 23
  • Hair Color: Rojo
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin color: Light Brown
  • Weight (Pounds): 115
  • Height (Feet): 5’6
  • Measure (Brasier): 34 B
  • Measure (Waist): Small
  • Bisexual: Yes
  • Favorite Drink: Tequila, Amaretto

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If you’re looking for a beautiful and sophisticated girl who also has exotic good looks and enough charm to melt anyone’s heart – look no further than Anyie. She’s a gorgeous young model who knows both how to tease and please, and with Anyie you’ll never have a dull moment. She’s someone whom you can take out, enjoy a meal or share a drink, but not only that. Anyie is ready for so much more when the night falls and there are only the two of you in the room.

Anyie knows how to play the seduction game and she will make you feel relaxed. Keeping it casual and light, she’ll tease with your mind and your thoughts until you’re ready to make the first move. When she’s your partner for the night, anything can happen and that anything includes only good things. She’s the girl for all times and settings: from romantic walks under the starlight on the beach, fancy dinners in a good restaurant to some private time alone at your place. Anyie will make you feel welcome and like the only man on the island.

Always eager to give you a good time, Anyie is a fantastic choice for any occasion. She’s someone to whom you can open your heart and share a wonderful night. If you keep an open mind and manage to charm her, Anyie will give you a night filled with passion and adventure unlike anything you’ve seen before.