Step inside your dream with Amelia

  • First name: Amelia
  • Nationality: Dominican
  • City: La Vega
  • Languages: Spanish 🙁
  • Age: 23
  • Hair Color: Rojo
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin color: Light Brown
  • Weight (Pounds): 115
  • Height (Feet): 5’6
  • Measure (Brasier): 34 B
  • Measure (Waist): Small
  • Bisexual: Yes
  • Favorite Drink: Tequila, Amaretto

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You’ve never meet a girl like Amelia: she’s sophisticated and elegant, with allure and charm unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. If you’re looking to spend an evening in the company of a beautiful, charming girl who will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, Amelia is your top choice.

She can be your sassy playgirl or a real lady; she can play her part perfectly and give you a night you’ll never forget. If you have enough charm she will open her heart to you and let you inside her hidden world of pleasures.

Amelia is the perfect companion for the evening: she likes to keep it relaxed and casual and you will never have a dull moment with her during your encounters and meetings.

Amelia can also challenge your perception of good time and push you out of your comfort zone if that is what you wish for. She’s one of the best companions you can have for the evening; her exotic beauty will put a spell on you and you will be completely enamored by her spunky, energetic charm.

You don’t need to think about anything else when you’re with Amelia – other than Amelia.

She will put a spell on you with her thoughtful, exotic gaze and you will be caught in her web of passion, lust and pleasures. Discover her hidden strengths and inner lust and you will be rewarded accordingly – with a night you will never forget!