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Every man should have a friend with a yacht! – Willy Wonka, BP Owner

At Blue Paradise, we always want you to have the most amazing and exciting time with our girls. Guests refer to our resort as the Playboy Mansion, and you can live all your fantasies and erotic dreams to the fullest.

But our adult entertainment is not restricted only within the walls of our world-class resort. You are in the Dominican Republic, and the sparkling waters of the Caribbean are not to be missed.

Embark on an Exclusive Sea Cruise on a World Class Yacht

We arrange exotic cruises around the deep blue Caribbean seas and pride ourselves on being the only resort to offer the service. You can enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze cruising over the undulating waves that break against the yacht.

Various exciting activities also await you to make your time more fulfilling-

Deep-Sea Fishing

If you love to fish, we have some good news for you!

You can indulge in exciting deep sea fishing right from our yacht on your cruise. We will provide all the equipment and gear so that you can have the best time catching some big fish and posing for selfies!

North Coast Shore Cruise

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is one of the most picturesque and beautiful areas of the region with pristine beaches and big waves. You can take a cruise and get up and personal with the fishing towns, local culture, and get magnificent mountain views right from your boat.

You can also sight beautiful bays, serene lagoons, and white sand beaches if you want to explore further and have a great day out!

Luxurious Top of the Line 53ft Viking Yacht

Our Viking Yacht is one of the most comfortable and technologically sound boats running on the Caribbean waters. It is designed to give you the best sea experience with large decks so that you can catch the sun and witness every natural spectacle without any compromise.

Viking Yachts add a touch of excellence and luxury to every cruise making it truly memorable.

Our girls will be right there with you on your cruise, making sure you are never lonely. You can always expect a lively time when the beautiful ladies are accompanying you on your sea voyage.

Ready to go boating?

Add a day on the boat to your trip for only $500!

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