Birthday Party Vacations

Your birthday is around the corner and you have no idea how to go about it?

Whenever you try to organize it naughty thought flood your mind? Or are you looking for a destination birthday away from the usual crowd? What if we tell you can have it all? Yes, you have come to the right place to ring in your birthday. Trust us at Blue Paradise to make your birthday memorable and something to cherish about till you come back here again next year.

Special celebrations require happening destinations

House parties, terrace parties or nightclubs are so passé and boring. Move on to the new and celebrate your birthday in style. Party to the tune of the waves of the Carribean. Experience a birthday of a different kind that will set you apart from the crowd. Do the new and show your boys how it is done. You can enjoy on the beach itself or be a little discreet and take the celebrations to your room. Our private, beach front bungalows and resort will let you celebrate away from the prying eyes of the not-invited jealous lot.


Enjoy the service of the most accommodative staff

Our friendly and cooperative staff at Blue Paradise will help you to plan, organize and execute the best birthday you’ve ever had! Location, resort, bungalows and decorations, of your style, choice and size, will be made available. Just inform us of your requirements and we will try to accommodate them all.

Birthday boy needs exotic companions

Strut around in your birthday suit on the beach with the hottest of our girls. You can choose them from an array of options on our page. Whether you like them hot and spicy, naughty or nice, bold or shy, we have got you covered. They will pamper and spoil you silly…because it’s your birthday! We can’t guarantee the birthday bumps, but birthday spanks will definitely be there, in umpteen.

Let’s not forget the guests

The birthday guests will not be left out either. There is something for everyone. Our girls with entertain them and make sure they are having a god time just like you. Hear them rave about your special day year after year. They will never miss your birthday again!

Choicest food and drinks anytime!

Leave the task of worrying about food and drinks arrangement to us. The tastiest treats of local or global flavors and your favorite poison will be at your disposal. Your themed birthday cake, food, mocktails and cocktails will be ready before you. We’ll make sure nobody leaves the party hungry and unsatisfied.

Forget the horrors of cleaning up

Nobody likes the idea of having to clean up the food mess after an amazing party either. We will arrange for that as well and keep the venue spik and span so that you don’t get distracted while having fun.

Experience a birthday like never before

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in a hassle free and fun birthday party like never before. Breakaway from the same old with refreshing party ideas, locales and company. Be the trendsetter among your friends and show the guys how it’s done. Experience the luxury of the rich sand-laden Caribbean, its exotic and charming girls and the pampering of our helpful staff – ingredients for a perfect birthday. Birthday wishes do come true!

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