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Top 20 Best Sex Positions

When it comes to the bedroom matters, a few couples are adventurous. Most couples are still stuck on the old school sex of only exploiting the missionary, spooning, cowgirl and doggy style. This has to stop period! Plenty of modern sex styles are available to increase your orgasms for your partner and even you. These styles don’t need any flexibility and making a pretzel out of yourself. We have come with 20 of them— wild, sure, crazy and never- thought-hat-my-body-can-reach-such-extreme-type-of-sex-styles. These 20 sex styles will with no doubt add the aura into your sex life.

The key is we are not trying to create a pornstar out of you so starting slowly in the learning process is very vital. Dorian Solot who is a sex educator says that when couples try to finish an acrobatic complicated sex style, they are distracted and may not enjoy the sex. Enjoying the sensation is vital rather than trying to turn yourself into a conformist.

  1. The Sticky Scissor

The Sticky Scissor

“Sleep on a perpendicular position from each other, your girl her back while you are facing her on your side. Let one leg of your girl go in between yours while your other leg is crunched over your hips. This will put your top leg in an angled position to press against the vulva of your woman while you are inside her. She can grind as you are slowly thrusting o give her clit the sensation using your thighs. She can also press your legs down with her hands for deeper penetration.

  1. The Eagle

The Eagle

Do you know why this classic oral pose is outstanding? “ it is because of its relaxing posture and pleasurable to the one receiving it. This position makes it easy to focus as you just lay down and receive pleasure in abundance. With grounded feet, couples have the opportunity to lift their legs or give the pelvis a tilt to change things up. You can optimize this position by using a pillow through your hips to provide a comfortable angle for the giver. Having sex while looking at each other’s eyes is very arousing, and this position gives you that eye locking moment. The pillow under her hips will also help in changing up positions and helping the giver to kneel while the receiver is at the edge of the bed with feet and hips over your shoulders.

  1. Table for Two

Table for Two

Some cases require a scenery change to give your partner an orgasm. To achieve this, a kitchen table is required— a table that reaches your girlfriend’s waist. Let her sleep on the table lacing your but next to the table edge. Penetrate her while you are position in between her legs while grabbing those hips tight for support. This style gives a lot of options to the receiver. She can put her feet on your shoulders or just at the edge of the table and still have maximum satisfaction. Standing also gives the man the options of playing with any part of your body as he is fucking you in any rhythm he chooses.

  1. The Sweet Spoons

The Sweet Spoons

Orgasm is triggered when both of you have an emotional attachment. If you are that type of a couple, then no style fits you two like the spoon. Achieving this position requires your partner to lie on her side, as you scoot behind her. Instead of thrusting in and out the man here just stays inside your pussy as he thrusts and penetrates your vagina walls. This style does not only come with a cuddling opportunity but also gives continuous stimulation that is a significant orgasm factor.

  1. The Slip N’ Slide

The Slip N' Slide

This is an improved version of missionary where your partner straightens her legs and hard pressing them together. Rather than pumping, our partner grinds against your pelvis and slides her vulva down and against your shaft. This position gives magnified friction that is slippery. You can all tangle up between your bodies for unified attention. Once you penetrate, it gives adequate clitoris and internal stimulation. You can easily rub your penis on the clitoris as you thrust in and out. For more clitoris stimulation, you can use a cock ring or a vibrator with this style.

  1. The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat

Use the edge of your bed with your feet spread to the floor. Your partner will give you her back as she backs that ass on you sitting on your dick. Her in between her legs her ass on you she can fuck you back and forth by using the arms of the chair as a prop and lifts herself up and down. By using her back arching, she can be in control of the penetration angle and thus presses her ass n your groin. You can push her back or streamline her back for a doggy style while you are sitting. This style gives her maximum control and dominance over you.

  1. Cowgirl Style

Cowgirl Style

The cowgirl sex style is mostly sorted out after because you won’t lose momentum as you stimulate your clitoris. Instead of sleeping and hoping for him to thrust as per your erotic needs, you can be in control of thrust with this style. You love it shallow or deep the choice is all at your hands with this style. Remember one thing girl; you are on top. With cowgirl, you can kiss him, bend over, rub each other’s chest, sit up as he looks through you while you are riding him. He can also spank you and squeeze the juices out of your pretty ass as you are fucking him to his satisfaction.

  1. Face Off

Face Off

With this position, the man sits on the bed’s edge or chair; the lady faces you as he encloses your back with her arms, she jumps on you then sits on you. While you both tangled up in this position, the woman can now ride you the way she likes up and down. You can grab her ass and increase on the rhythm faster or slower; the choice is yours. She can face you sitting astride on tone floors, rocking chair, or wooden rockers to give you a variety of excellent vibes. This position gives various creativity opportunity hence going deeper to erogenous areas for maximized pleasure.

  1. David Copperfield

David Copperfield

Arouse your bedroom lust by amplifying oral efforts using a simple hand sleight trick. While lapping away, attempt to push upwards on her belly gently. This stretches away from her skin from the pubic bone as well as assisting in coaxing her clits to head out from the hoods underneath. The David Copperfield is a piece de resistance if she prefers a firm stroking motion upwards. Rest your whole tongue flat and firmly against her clit entrance. Let her grind and move against the tongue in her walls.

  1. Closed for Business

Closed for Business

It is uncomfortable for some women when you do clitoral stimulation directly. Closing her legs when you are doing oral sex might be the trick. Put your hands on her mound as you apply light pressure gradually licking around her clit to enhance indirect stimulation. When doing oral sex, let the index fingers knuckle trail following your tongue. That contrast between the tongues soft flesh and your fingers hard bone will create an overwhelming feeling that’s more than sensational.

  1. Pretzel


While kneeling, have her left thigh straddled as she lies on the left side. Her right leg needs to be bent around your right waist hence allowing deeper penetration. With this position, she’s able to comfortably lounge, while loving the most rooted access. Use your fingers to stimulate her or instead withdraw your dick then rub it using your left fingers rub it against her pussy to make her orgasm. Do this until she begs you to reinsert it back. Since her pussy Is more sensitive, be gentle not to hurt her. Other women opt for gentle pressure instead of direct stimulation, so you need to be soft then gradually increase pressure and speed. Let her guide you with the rhythm.

  1. The G-Whiz

The G-Whiz

Let her lay using her back then go between her thighs while kneeling as you use your shoulders as a resting point for her calves. Then in an up-down, side –side motion rock her so that your dicks shaft and the head is in contact with her vaginas front walls. Since it permits for deeper penetration, slowly thrust at first to avoid discomfort. Take note of her about to cum through waiting for her shallow and short breath. Engorged breasts and flushed skin is also an arousal indicator. Let her feet be on your shoulders which makes her control the thrusts depth and tempo. This is sweetness upon pleasure.

  1. Butter Churner

Butter Churner

Nothing ignites passion like novelty through increasing dopamine, a sex and romance neurotransmitter found in your brain. This sex position is worthy of novelty because you don’t have to be extreme to get romance sustained. Just try something new. She has to lay on her back with her calves overhead. Then squat over and do smooth penetration. Be careful not to stress her neck. As you entirely remove yourself, she will get the extreme pleasure she’s been dying for.

  1. Down but Not Out

Down but Not Out

Yes, they say doggy is hot, but I find it for amateurs. Spice it by lying on your belly then raising your ass slightly to allow for penetration. Let him prop up using his arms in a push-up position or rest on you. It increases friction, and you can also try grinding your clit against the bed’s area.

 15.Lazy Man/The Squat Thrust

The Squat Thrust

Get comfort pillows behind you then sit with your legs outstretched on the bed. Let her straddle your waist on the couch. Then she bends on her knees to get lowered onto you. With one palm let her put your dick in after she gently rubs your balls. Then by relying on her legs balls by releasing and pressing, she’s able to lower and raise herself as quickly or slowly as she wants on your shafts. Both of you can dare this position by lying back into X variation or spider position if the former is difficult.

 16.Pole Position

Pole Position

Bend one leg after lying on your back as the other one is outstretched. She has to straddle your raised leg using a thigh on any side then lower to your members; thus her back faces you. Let her use your knee for support by holding while rocking up – down. Let her also attempt pressing her vulva against your thigh as she rubs adhering to the dictated feeling. A raunchy tip is letting her massage the raised leg while riding you or even touching your perineum.

  1. Doggy


You might want to try this position after doing Flatiron. Penetrate from behind which will enable you to thrust as your shafts touch the cervix deeply. This pleasure zone is often neglected. However, you need to try this gently and slowly because other ladies find it hurtful. Make it extreme by letting her increase orgasm intensity by squeezing her pussy walls or her pelvic muscles. This allows for access to her sweet G spot.

 18. Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer

Face one another while standing. Let her raise one leg and wrap it around your thighs or waist as she pulls you in using her leg. If she gets tired wrapping up, cradle it using your hand. Lift her leg to your shoulders if she’s flexible. It would be sweeter if you tried this with hot water cascading your bodies. Go to a shower then do steamy foreplay then rub one another using a harsh scrub. This stimulates blood flow and nerve endings.

  1. Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

While standing at a desks edge or bed, let her lie on her back raising her calves to her breasts. At this, her knees are curved like she’s cycling. Penetrate by grabbing her ankles. Slowly thrust as you penetrate deeper if she so pleases. Advise her to rub her clit manually and control penetration through having her thighs flexed. Let her heels be placed on your chest to shoulders which lets her labia press hard against you.

  1. H2Ohh Yeah

H2Ohh Yeah

Nothing makes sex sexier than sex in water. Get out and do a quickie as you avoid prying eyes. The water will stimulate both your nerve endings. If she is buoyant enough, this position becomes simpler to hold. All you need to do is have some parts of your swimming costume suit shifted away to make the lifeguards look none wiser.


Nothing connects a man and a woman than a good collaboration in bed ignited by thrusting, lifting, bouncing, riding and wait for it….THE ORGASM! The pleasure that comes from it is explainable simply exotic. A first date that just started from a raunchy hot quickie can lead to a walk in the aisle. Did I mention that my marriage with my ever loyal man started from a simple exotic quickie that drove him wild? It is truly funny that a clit or a penis can make a man or a woman go berserk. Just try these 20 best positions that I listed above and see what I am talking about. Have a nice orgasm sex life!

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