Pre Bachelor Party Test-Run

Pre Bachelor Party Test-Run

So this past weekend was another typical weekend at BP, but thanks to these two cousins that showed up, it quickly became another weekend for the history books!  We can only imagine what the bachelor party is going to be like!

We had two guests arrive this past weekend.  Right off the bat we knew these guys knew how to have a good time and knew what exactly they were looking for.  The reason is because they decided to show up to BP BEFORE the bachelor party of one of the two cousins to see if BP met their standards.  They showed up on a Thursday and were departing on Sunday.  One of the two cousins is getting married soon and wanted to give BP a “test-run” beforehand…..we made sure they got the full BP VIP treatment.  Upon arrival our two guests had 8 girls to choose from between both of them, the girls were dressed in their most beautiful matching sequence bikinis.  Of course the drinks were already waiting for them and they did not hesitate to begin the party.  The guys showed up just in time for our BBQ lunch special of chicken, ribs, corn on the cobb, rice, salad and much more!  After having lunch with the girls and getting acquainted with everyone, they decided it was time to enter the jacuzzi.  Now for all of you that have been to BP before….we allllll have stories about the jacuzzi!  The jacuzzi for some reason is a magical destination that all types of things happen.  For the ones that have not visited us yet, too bad because what happens at BP stays at BP!  But just to give you an idea….we grabbed a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne with all 8 chicas and showed them just how big and wild their bachelor party can get.  Time was flying by so fast that they hardly even noticed that 3 big bottles of champagne had been finished already!  


Who cares though…its all included in our packages!  Needless to say by the end of the third bottle each of them were feeling like kings and decided to each take four chicas a piece back to their rooms.  These guys are champs!  The following day was an excursion day to the river, throughout the day the cousins decided to pace themselves and enjoy the company of the girls plus take in the enjoyment of being on a mini vacation on a beautiful tropical island.  Don’t get me wrong though…the cousins enjoyed their drinks throughout the day and their companionships with our beautiful models but something told me that they were just recharging their batteries for another epic day!  With that being said we retreated back to the villas enjoyed a very tasty dinner and everyone went back to their rooms with their companion of the night.  It was one of those days that we like to refer to around here as “relax and release”.  So Saturday came along and boy were my suspicions right!  The cousins knew it was their last full day and night at BP and they sure planned on taking full advantage of it.  We spent the entire day lounging in and around the pool, drinking, playing and just enjoying ourselves with all of the BP models.  The girls dressed up in their playboy bunny outfits and even put on a show for the cousins.  What a show it was!  I don’t know what it is but I ALWAYS enjoy watching these shows!  They are always trying to outdo one another and that just always leads to some very erotic visionary pleasure.


Once the night began to fall we had dinner and decided it was time to hit the clubs on the strip of Cabarete.  Our favorite is always Ojos and they are always expecting us with our guests.  Once set up in the VIP section and everyone had their drinks, the party really started!  Mind you we were all feeling very happy from enjoying the day back at the pool.  I gotta tell you that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming and really living the life.  After the last bottle service came and went it was time to crawl…I mean get back to Blue Paradise and make the vacation cum to an end.  It’s been a few days now that the cousins left and the girls are still talking about them.  They really enjoyed themselves as well as the cousins themselves.  Needless to say….the bachelor party is already booked.  I can only imagine what stories we will have once that weekend arrives.  Until then we sit here staring at the ocean with a cold Presidente beer, getting a massage in the famous jacuzzi making memories with a new group of guests that just arrived.  Life is hard….but only if you make it!

Birthdays at BP are the best!

Birthdays at BP are the best!

This weeks was alot fun at BP! Aren’t they all? Cynthia had a great time showing one of the clients around the north coast. Cuba Libres ( local rum and cola ) all day by the pool which puts everyone in a relaxed mood. During his stay Cynthia took him local river hangout spot where they spent the afternoon eating lunch, drinks in the water and dancing with up to your waist in the river. It’s a great time recommended for any adventurous guest.

Amongst our clients we also celebrated a birthday this week. If there is any event you want to celebrate at BP it has to be your birthday. The girls go all out to make sure its one you will never forget. The girls all dressed up in special outfits and treated him to a one of a kind birthday party in the party room.  6 girls in matching outfits, cake, drinks, disco room….need we say more? Well check out the picture below.!

The party didn’t stop for another 2 days as everyone joined the celebrations by the bar and well into the next day. Join us for for next weeks adventure with your favorite BP girl.

What makes a great sex resort

What makes a great sex resort

Most people would think that having a great sex resort is easy.  Get a location, find the companions and the clients/guests automatically line up at the door!  Unfortunately like all other businesses it’s just not as easy as the saying….. “if you build it they will come”.
Blue Paradise has been around and steadily growing each consecutive year for the past 8+ years now.  We would be the first to tell you that it is not easy!  We have had our generous amounts of errors and ups and downs, but the best thing is that it has led us to learn the hard way on how to become one of the best all inclusive erotic sex resorts in the Caribbean.  You see…we have learned that it takes a lot more then just finding a location…you have to find a great location.  With our private beach front location nestled in the beautiful island side of the Dominican Republic called Cabarete, typical year round weather of 88 degrees, clear blues skies and clear blue waters, it’s no wonder why we consider this “Blue” Paradise and a great location.  We also understand that a beautiful location alone is not enough.  That is why we have a full staff that maintains and keeps clean our resort from the landscaping with our plush greenery and tropical island palm trees, to our modern air conditioned fully functional villas and bungalows.  We always make sure we have the best in staff.  Starting from our landscapers, security guards, host, bartenders and all the way down to the people you don’t see who handle our administrative work.  Finally we get to the beautiful companions.  Having beautiful companions is a given, but having the RIGHT companions treating your guests is the secret.  Our companions are not only hot beautiful latinas, but they all have great attitudes.  Ladies that you can get to know really well and are all about making sure you have a great time.  Our girls know how to make you feel special, with no attitudes or ever feeling pressure.  They understand our guests are there to have a good time but to also relax and release.  With over 50+ girls on call for us who love to work in the environment we have created, finding either the right one or the one for right now is never a problem at BP.
Blue Paradise strives to make this experience one of the best vacations you have ever had and hopefully make you a repeat visitor as so many of our guests are now.  Do not find it usual if one of our staff pulls you aside and asks if everything is ok or how we could make your stay better. Do not find it unusual if you hear a knock on your villa door and our staff is checking if you have enough clean towels or if you are in need of anything.  And DEFINITELY do not find it unusual if you hear a knock on your door and it is a beautiful latina asking if she can come in! At the end of the day we understand that what truly makes Blue Paradise a paradise is the attention to service your needs.  If we exceed your expectations then we know we did our job as being a great sex resort.  We look forward in seeing you soon!
Novice first encounter with BP by Marsman

Novice first encounter with BP by Marsman

Instead of us posting a blog about BP this week we wanted to let one of our first time guests tell you all about BP:

I have now returned from my first trip to Blue Paradise.  Thank you for what was one of the best, if not the best, vacations that I have ever had.  Please accept my true gratitude for making this possible.  When I was preparing to leave, Freddy sat down with me to ask how things had gone, and what could be done better or changed.  I say this with all honesty: I cannot think of anything that you could change to make the experience better.  The resort itself is simply beautiful.  The location is simply perfect.  It is a world unto itself.  A divine world.  The rooms are very nice.  They are very functional (everything that I would need or want), totally clean, and the housekeeping staff is very attentive (one of my days was very busy with several companions, and about mid-way through the day, the maid gently knocked on my door with four clean towels (how did she know that we had already used our six towels??).  The food, well, the food is truly gourmet.  I expected good food.  But this was exceptional, world-class food.  The bar staff was very attentive.  And truly fun (one night when all of the other guests were gone to their rooms, the bar staff kept the party going, and the two evening bar ladies and Alexander were dancing — just simply showing their joy of living).  Everyone and everything contributes to a perfect experience.  Again, I wish that I could help you with at least one recommendation, but I really have no idea what could be changed to make the experience better.  Truly.
The companions.  Ahhh, yes.  The companions.  I expected pretty ladies.  But I did not expect gorgeous models who have world-winning attitudes.  Every one of them was at least an “8” or “9” (on a scale of 10).  Most were 10’s !!  They were simply fun, nice, sweet people.  Several afternoons they would gather with one or more guests and play dominoes.  What fun !!  There was NEVER any pressure fro.  m the girls (“baby, you want sucky-sucky”) as there is at some of the resorts in the area.  It was clear that they were available, but they were also available to make small talk, or to play dominoes, or to linger with over breakfast or lunch.  They were beautiful young women with great attitudes, who were also incredible in the bed.  I did “wife up” with Claritza (she was with me all 4 nights for all night, and I gave her a day pass my final 3 days so that she could be with me all day).  But I bought a number of additional all-night and day passes.  I lost count somehow, but I think that I used up 12 or 13 days passes.  And a few extra night passes too.  I enjoyed time with companions such as Yennifer/Jennifer (my very first companion — WHAT A SWEET HEART), Claritza, Cristel, Maria, Yera, and too many more to count.
What makes Latinas so desirable?

What makes Latinas so desirable?

This question may have obvious answers to most of our clients, but let us list the reasons for those who may be wondering.

Let’s start with what catches every man’s eyes. The Latina’s bodies are well known for being extremely voluptuous. Whether you like them slim, curvy, petite or statuesque; the Latin woman has for the most part been molded to perfection. There is not a man alive whose eyes will not follow a Latin woman passing by.
Along with their tempting curves, these ladies seem to have been born with an innate sensuality. The way they look at you with innocent eyes, yet speak to you as though knowing exactly what you want. This is a gift you wish every woman had. A sort of innocent/bad girl who you can’t help but want.

As if the above weren’t enough to drive a man wild, the best quality of the Latina is their passion and constant need to please. All Latin women are raised to take care of their man. They thoroughly enjoy: cooking, dressing up, dancing and having their men want them. Hence the reason why so many men would love to marry one!

I believe the saying: “Men want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed” had a Latin woman in mind.
In my humble opinion; If you haven’t had a Latin woman, you have yet to experience a real woman.

Blue Paradise DR featured in Music Video

Blue Paradise DR featured in Music Video

Local Artist and dear friend of Blue Paradise, Ken Principe has filmed his latest energizing and sexy music video at Blue Paradise!
The final product is an incredible peek of our already famous and stellar ladies, the Villa’s incredible views and even our boat made a guest appearance!
While we aren’t, and can’t all be recording artists like Prince Ken, we certainly can all live out the experience portrayed in his video at Blue Paradise DR.
Cruise the beautiful Caribbean waters on our boat filled with beautiful dancing and bikini-clad ladies, lounge by the pool at the resort and have as many girls as you’d like all to yourself! The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Go into town and be the envy of all by having the hottest dates in town. Cabarete has one of the best and enjoyable restaurants, casinos and nightclubs where you can party the night away in VIP style.
Can you picture it? We certainly can… Contact us today and let us create your fantasy vacation at Blue Paradise.
Featured Girl of The Month – Niurka

Featured Girl of The Month – Niurka

One of our most desired and classy girls would have to be the incomparable Niurka. This 25 yr. old dark haired, tanned beauty is a statuesque 5’6 and 120lbs.

Some of Niurka’s favorite things are: perfumes, good beer, food and making sweet love. This hottie is a pleasure to be with, she will engulf you with her expressive eyes and hypnotize you with the swinging of her hips as she merely walks by you. If you’re looking to spend quality time with a nice, down to earth girl who also has a feisty side, she is the one for you.

Niurka is the ultimate fantasy girl who has everything you could hope for: Personality, Body and Looks.

See more of Nuirka here

Pre-Selecting your erotic vacation companions: Good or bad idea?

Pre-Selecting your erotic vacation companions: Good or bad idea?

Many of you may wonder when is the best time to choose your companion. Before arrival or upon arrival to Blue Paradise? There is no right or wrong answer as no matter when or where, you will surely be satisfied with your decision. With our variety of beautiful young ladies, the hardest part becomes choosing just one!We always recommend having a preview on our girls page, as well as Instagram.

Once you have decided on a certain lady you are able to verify if she will be available during your visit. Some clients really like this method as they are certain who they will be with for their stay. If you prefer this method please do not select just one girl. Chose two or three as you never know what can come up and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.
Most of our clients prefer to chose upon arrival. One of the perks in visiting Blue Paradise is there is never a line-up and you’re never committed to your selected companion. Upon arrival each guest is able to meet and mingle with all the ladies in a cool, and easy going atmosphere. You are then able to choose your companion not only on her looks, but on personality and chemistry as well. In case you vibe with more than one (almost always the case) you are able to exchange your companion on a daily or even coupon basis. We find this strategy has always worked marvelously. As you will see there is never a shortage of beautiful women in our Paradise….

Now for the real insiders tip to having the best time at Blue Paradise!

We can’t even count the amount of times a client came down with one girl on his mind and then end up not getting a chance to be with them because they got hooked on someone else. There is something about chemistry that always takes over. What we really suggest is to look at our girls page as if you were pre-selecting but just tell us what TYPE of girl you like. Dark Skin? Light Skin? Big Boobs? Small Boobs? Petite? Voluptuous? Outgoing? Reserved? With this information we can select girls we think you will like and instead of having one girl of your choice you will end up with many! Upon arrival you can get to know the girls individually and decide when the time is right. It’s the ultimate method to making sure your vacation is the best it could possibly be!

My Blue Paradise Experience: A clients tale!

My Blue Paradise Experience: A clients tale!

t’s been three days since I left the resort and all I can say is WOW! Six months ago I never would have believed that such a place existed. Blue Paradise exceeded all my expectations by 10 times. I have a smile on my face that just won’t seem to go away.

I was a little bit apprehensive about what I would find when I got there, I had done my homework but still wasn’t sure. There was a little mix up at the airport that all increased my nervousness. That was all taken care of and I was soon heading to the resort. As soon the the van pulled through the gate and I could see that all was just like pictured on the web site I began to relax. It was here that I was introduced to Freddie. Mister can do! Freddie will take care of anything you need at the resort. The words “no” and “can’t” aren’t in his vocabulary. As Freddie walked me to my bungalow I looked over to the bar area and there were about 10 beautiful girls waving hello to me. I was certain that this was going to be awesome.

I quickly changed into some shorts and went out to the bar. Here I began to meet the incredible girls of Blue Paradise. They more than exceeded my expectations. They were all beautiful that goes without saying. It was their attitudes that I found most surprising. All of them were friendly and happy that I was there and really wanted to see that I had a great time. I met some of the other guest at this time and they were all really nice. One of the told me treat the girls just like you would a real girlfriend with kindness and respect. He said the girls would give back way more than I gave them and he was right. They are all real angels.

The staff was all fantastic. The bar tenders made sure my drink glass was never empty for long. The chef and his assistant made sure there was plenty of delicious food. I really enjoyed eating the local food. The maids cleaned the rooms well everyday. I wanted for nothing while at the resort.

The beach, the pool, and the hot tub were all perfect. Just relaxing all day without a care in the world made all the stress in my regular life disappear. Playing dominoes with the girls, getting to know the other guests, just doing nothing. Perfect. By the third day I was there I stopped wearing my watch as Blue Paradise moves by it’s own time and the outside world’s time is meaningless.

I’m already planning my return. I just hope I can get back quickly. You really have created a Paradise!

Thanks for everything,


larry5 larry4 larry3 larry2 larry1

Valentine’s Day in Paradise

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day for love and friendship. This being an erotic resort, we can attest to be experts on the matter…
Without giving it all away and always leaving something to the imagination, Blue Paradise had many surprises in store for it’s guests on this day. Sexy lingerie shows, new hot girls, fun parties and more. The girls, being the hopeless romantics they are, made sure all the guests were well taken care of at all times.
I think we can all agree it is a great experience when you have beautiful women at your beck and call, minus the expectations and/or nagging for forgetting to bring flowers.


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This was my first time to the DR, and I decided to stay with you Blue Paradise "All Inclusive" Resort. I stayed for seven nights, and the most difficult part of the entire experience was leaving. I will have memories and shocks down my spine every time something inadvertently reminds me of the atmosphere, food, fun, activities, wonderful staff (especially Freddy.


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